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Waggle Pet Safety Temperature Monitoring System for Cars 50% Off Today + FREE car seat Today!

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Pet Monitor
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Product description

👉 Looking for a safe and comfortable way to take your furry friend on the road?

👉  Look no further than the Waggfluence Portable Pet Dog or Cat Car Seat!

This seat is perfect for small dogs and cats, and features a nonslip design to keep your pet safe and secure. The seat is also comfortable and padded, making it a perfect spot for your pet to take a nap during long car rides. Additionally, the seat includes a built-in leash so you can keep your pet close by at all times.

Here are just a few of the benefits our customers love about the Waggfluence Portable Pet Dog or Cat Car Seat:

✔ Nonslip design keeps your pet safe and secure
✔ Comfortable and padded for a cozy ride
✔ Built-in leash for peace of mind

❤ Pet Safety - It has 2 straps on the bottom that can be tied to the armrest. The straps can be tied in both directions.There is also a strap, Seat belt inside the car seat that can be tied to the pet's clothing or collar. It can hold up to 6kgs/13lbs.


Why do you need a Pet Safety Temperature Monitoring System?

Waggle  Pet Safety Temperature Monitoring System is an excellent way to protect your pets from Temperature levels which are Dangerous for the Pets specially when you leave them alone in your Car, RV, Van or Home.

All Features! No hassles

  • Temperature / Humidity Monitor

  • Real-time Alerts

  • Built-in 4G Verizon Cellular

  • Rechargeable Battery

  • GPS Tracking

  • Safeguard with Geofence


1) What’s the difference between Waggle Pet Monitor GPS and Lite?

Waggle Pet Monitor Lite and GPS are excellent protection for Pets and RVs. Both send real-time alerts, while Waggle Pet Monitor GPS is advanced with features like Geo-fence alerts, Built-in GPS, and LCD.

2) What is the refund policy for Waggle Pet Monitor?

Please email us at or call 855-983-5566 and get RMA (Return Material Authorization) before shipping the unit back. For more details click here

3) Will I get an alert if there is a power outage in the RV/ Home?

Yes. If there is a power outage, Waggle Pet Monitor switches to battery mode. You’ll instantly receive “RV Power Loss Alert” via Text and Email.

Note: The device needs to be plugged into the charger and always powered ON to receive this alert.

4) Can I use my cellular account for a subscription?

No. You cannot add/link your existing cellular account with a Waggle Pet App subscription. Waggle Pet Monitor comes with a built-in Verizon 4G data, which cannot be changed.

Subscription Required for the Device to Work.



Shipping and Delivery

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👉 Delivery Time 6 - 12 Working Days.

👉 Tracking Numbers are Emailed within 24 - 48 Hours  of Placing Order.


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Waggle Pet Safety Temperature Monitoring System for Cars 50% Off Today + FREE car seat Today!

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